Are You Ready To Press Your “Reset” Button?

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Changing our lives

How do you see things?

Even though being stuck indoors may seem like a terrible punishment for most of us, we can’t deny the fact that there is some kind of thrilling experimental side to it… Isn’t there?

None of us could have expected any of this to happen and while this pandemic can be considered as a dreadful global disaster for a number of reasons, why not add a touch of perspective in there?

Could this be… A blessing in disguise I ask?

Yep… I’m going to talk about “change” again, but HEY, you know what? Have you actually realized that you have (subconsciously) already started the whole process??

I know, some of you will be raising their eyebrows and will be wondering what has gone into me, BUT, think about it.

  • We’ve been forced to stop doing many things to protect ourselves from catching or spreading the virus. For instance, we’ve stopped going to restaurants, pubs, junk food places, all sorts of shops which for one thing has allowed us to save a good deal of money!
  • The second idea behind my statement is that it has also (unknowingly) been helping us break some bad habits! The habit of always going out to eat instead of cooking (bad for the health & more expensive), the habit of social drinking and smoking when we’re with our friends, the habit of always rushing and not taking care of ourselves enough, the habit of using our cars to get absolutely everywhere, the habit of always relying on others and fancy activities to entertain us and the list goes ON & ON.

For most people, going into lockdown and having suddenly lost a lot of freedom has been a completely wild experience and I get it.  But, can you see my point here? Whatever “bad habit” we may have tried to fight before, we are now getting a shot at turning things around! We’ve all just stepped into the world of personal development up to some level and I’m wondering what we are going to make of it.

Here is another angle we can all think about…

For the people who have already lost their jobs (which includes me at this stage…) or if unfortunately you do lose it at a later stage… Press pause & rewind the tape a little:

Do you remember all these times you were less than enthusiastic about having to go to work and not liking what you were doing, not earning enough money, not having the time to do anything else but work… There were A LOT of these negative thoughts rolling about in our heads without us being entirely aware of them. Would you agree?

Anyway… The point I’m trying to make here is: WHAT IF you knew that in about one month you could start your life exactly as it was before the outbreak. What would you do?

  1. Wait and happily go back to it and never complain again because after all you do have a job?
  2. Wait and go back to it because it’s the easiest solution. You know your job, your colleagues, what’s expected of you even if you don’t really feel fulfilled?
  3. You decide to take a risk, let go of what you had before and try to build something more adequate for yourself? A new job and a new life to a certain extent because you know you can achieve more and want to!

I really do think that’s worth thinking about because in the end, we DO have a choice.

So now… Which one are you?

There are two ways to look at things about our current situation.

You either wait & see (which is nice & comfy) and you carry on as you’ve always done OR you use this valuable time to do something useful for your life – post crisis.

Think about what ALL OF THIS is teaching you and be honest with yourself. How do you want to move forward from this point on?

What would you like to be able to tell yourself in ten years time about the way this pandemic changed your life?

Did you stay on the train and watched or did you jump off and made a run for it?

I’m in this with you!!

Be sure that I’m in there with you guys! I am homebound like you, jobless once again and I kind of worry about me or people close to me getting sick of course.

I don’t know how all of this is going to end up and I don’t always know what decision to make. However, I strongly believe that living in fear, procrastinating or focusing on negativity thoughts ISN’T the solution.

So, going from there… What can we do?

  • I personally document myself. I read loads of online articles and follow top life coaches, successful business people who share their best habits with us. I try to have enough sleep, eat well, exercise, read, make my brain work…. I’m not saying that I do all of this all the time, but at least this is uplifting and it keeps my serotonin levels up!
  • I try to not watch the news too much or scroll through social media as there is a lot of junk & negativity out there at the moment (more than usual).
  • I focus on what I like doing and try to progress, keep on learning…
  • Work towards the lifestyle I want to have (yep, still on that…)

I’ll be honest, it’s not going to be a walk in the park for any of us & it’s going to take some time to adjust, but we will get through this! It’s like everything else, it needs patience, practice and a pinch of willingness.

Very often our minds get awfully clouded by what’s going on around us and we just can’t look at the bigger picture. Take a step back, observe things from a different angle. You will find solutions 🙂

What are you thinking to change in your life? Please share 🙂

Take care x

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