Here is the secret about Hallmark Movies…

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Hallmark movie life

Hallmark did you say?

Ohhh, Hallmark! Have you ever watched any of them? There are many playing on TV around Christmas time, but if you look online, there is also a vast number to choose from if you ever fancy checking them out :-).

They are american movies mostly set in The U.S and they’re either about romance, comedy or mystery.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, I certainly have picked-up on my Hallmark movie watching rate and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

There’s definitely something captivating and uplifting about these films and I believe there are interesting lessons to be learned from watching them too! 

I’m not talking about the “love story” part, but about the transformational journey the main character goes through. There is always some sort of  “awakening” that turns their life around (small or big) in the best way possible and that gets me every time!

Loads of people think that these movies are just lame, fake and a waste of time, but… Are they really??

All they do (at least the romance & comedy ones), is lean towards some of our own real life’s stories with an added tweak to them so that they look a little more glamourous, but that’s it. The rest is all about actual situations that we’be been in or feelings we’ve experienced and that’s why so many people relate to these stories in the first place!

I agree about the fact that there is always a pinch of drama somewhere… It gets soapy for a bit, but then the switch gets flipped & the game is ON! I always love witnessing the whole mindset shift taking place in the main character’s life.

What do we get to learn?

These movies often tackle topics where the main character appears to be “in control”, happy & fulfilled, but it’s just a facade…

Interesting feelings and emotions surface like, vulnerability, courage, trust, shame… They’re not that clearly labelled in the movies of course, but that’s what they are.

At the start of the movie, we meet the main character who sails through life the best they can, like any of us do. These characters have a past (like any of us) and after a specific event takes place, that’s when they meet THE person who’s going to shake things up. To me that’s a very interesting thought because sometimes it really doesn’t take much to get that nudge that we needed. Isn’t this exciting and encouraging in a way? It only takes meeting the right person or being somewhere at the right time to jump on a completely different ride!! We just need to be willing to “let go” of what we know…

Like in the movies, it all feels rather unexpected & confusing at first of course. We might rumble for a bit, it gets scary & uncomfortable, but is it such a bad thing after all…?

No one likes “drama”, change or discomfort and I get it! It’s painful, draining even shameful at times, but without it, without the bumps in our lives, we wouldn’t experience & appreciate the “highs” the same way at all! Did that ever occur to you?? It’s a matter of how we look at things I think… Interesting, isn’t it?

When research backs this up…

In my previous posts, I’ve already mentioned the fabulous work of this Researcher/ Professor/ Author called Brené Brown. She studies all of the above feelings and emotions that run our lives. We, Humans, experience all of those all the time without even noticing or understanding them and that’s why it gets SO chaotic at times! Brené Brown dissects emotions beautifully and the great thing about her is that she’s super authentic. She openly shares her own stories with us, steps into discomfort and that makes her a badass. She truly is inspiring and if you haven’t heard of her yet, head to the Ted Talk show and listen to “The Anatomy of Trust”.

So here you are… If you sometimes need clues on how to handle situations or feel like you need to change the path you’re on, check these movies out! Your next adventure might just be around the corner!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read :-).

Take care!



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