The year Humans got quarantined…

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Surviving quarantine

How unconventional is that, right?!!?

Who would have thought that entire countries would one day have to be in lockdown to prevent the spread of a deadly virus?!?!!

This is a truly insane situation which seems to be coming straight out of the script of a sci-fi movie!

Everyone is trying to cope & adapt the best they can, trying to make the right decisions, but let’s be honest… No one has a clue about what’s going on or how to fix this!! That’s what freaks me out the most I think.

How did the world get there!?!?

The hearth is ill

Going into lock-down:

I came back home from work on Monday 22nd March at about 15:00. That’s pretty much when I decided to start self isolating as a precaution and that will be until things improve a bit.

To be honest, I’m not going to complain about that part of the problem because to me, this is very close to my usual lifestyle anyway… Yep, I see people raising eyebrows there :-).

That’s right though… Being an introvert, I’ve unknowingly been preparing myself for lockdown pretty much my whole life – Ha!

Spending time indoors alone with my thoughts, reading & working online is perfect “normality” to me. 

I’ve recently moved to a new flat in London. I have a lovely big room with lots of sunlight coming through AND a wifi connection. This means that I get to do all of my usual stuff (e.g: blogging, reading articles, chatting with friends & family…) which is a nice pIus for me.

The only thing I truly miss at the moment is going on walks and being surrounded by nature.

The quarantine life isn’t for everyone though…

I think that the biggest issue for a lot of people is that they usually rely far too much on others or on distractions (jobs, socialising, activities…) to entertain them.

Very few truly enjoy being on their own, in silence for hours on end and I understand that for some of you, being forced to do this for weeks is a real punishment.

Don’t panic – You can overcome this!

My main advice would be – Don’t fight it. Acknowledge it, embrace it and make the most of it! You will soon see how doable it is with a little bit of practice. It is about trusting yourself and enjoying the present moment. Don’t think about what life was like three months ago and do not think about how better life will be once you’ll be allowed to go out & socialize again! Be in the here & now and do not judge yourself!

If being alone makes you feel anxious, here is what I suggest you try:

  • Spend some time being surrounded by nature (your garden, a park, a forest…)
  • Do some very simple breathing exercises and this will calm you right down (in through the nose and out through the mouth).
  • Force yourself to think about stuff that makes you happy
  • Use the Mel Robbins countdown technique (5 to 1) any time you have scary thoughts creeping-in. This will help you break the stressful cycle of thoughts you’re in. This sounds silly, but it actually works.

Dealing with boredom… Time to brainstorm!

You’re gonna have to get creative! You need to make yourself a daily programme & stick to it! Each day you should be doing some physical exercise (great for the body & fab for the mind!), read, make your brain work.

Here are a few ideas:

Learn a language online, write for yourself or to people you know, cook for yourself or make extra for a neighbour next door who doesn’t cook much. Read, watch documentaries or any other interesting stuff, walk around your garden if you have one. Do some stretches, use your kid’s skipping rope, use that treadmill hidden in the storage room…

Do some gardening, painting or drawing, play your instruments, listen to the music and dance.

Do you have a tablet or old magazines laying around? Do crosswords, Sudoku…

Being quarantined


I personally try not to watch too much TV because this becomes a real drug. You could literally spend the whole day stuck in front of your screen watching movies, series, documentaries and while some of that is ok, you don’t want to fall into an excess.

Watching or listening to the news too much isn’t good either because it’s full of drama and fake news (now more than ever). Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to stay informed, but it also is very important to not fall for everything people say.

The same goes with social media. A small dose might be ok, but there is a lot of junk out there! People are stressed out and are lashing out at each other which adds up to the stress. These are really sad times… People are responding to this overwhelming situation the best way they can and even if they don’t seem to always make the smartest of choices, I’m not sure we have the right to judge anyway. What good does it bring us, I ask??

Leave the alcohol and food alone! I know this is very tempting and you think that it will help you, but that’s wrong. Please do not start, otherwise it will impact your health, your mood and believe me, that’s not a habit you want to start taking.

So… What do I personally do?

To help stop the pandemic: I stay home as much as possible. I just leave the house to go food shopping about once a week. Every time I go out, I wear full clothing (no T-shirts or shorts…), gloves and a face mask.

To take care of myself: I make sure I sleep enough, that I eat as healthily as possible, keep the house clean and wash my hands often. I keep doing everything that I usually like doing at home and try to only live in the present.

To entertain myself: I blog, I speak with friends, I do some online work for my job and I sometimes watch a movie before going to sleep.

What about you guys? What are you doing?

Feel free to comment or just contact me if you wish to share some thoughts. I will very happily bring some distraction to you or help any way I can.

Bye for now & please stay safe!


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