A tiny village called Casperia

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You said “Casperia”?

Everyone knows about Rome, Venice, Florence and other major cities in Italy, but what about Casperia? I certainly didn’t know about it either until I moved there for a job back in May 2014. I’m glad it’s now rectified and in fact, little did I know that I’d constantly be drawn back to this beautiful place from then on!

Village of Casperia, beautiful place in Italy
Casperia, Italy

Casperia is a charming medieval hilltop village surrounded by mountains and valleys. It is about an hour north of Rome & easily reachable by train. The weather is always glorious, the inhabitants are as sweet as pie, everyone knows each other, respects one another and the views are simply breathtaking! The job advertised was to work as a PR (Public Relations) for a well-established yoga retreat that runs retreats on a weekly basis from the end of March through November each year. When I went for the job interview, I wasn’t sure at first that I would take the job because the village REALLY is in the middle of nowhere and there must be a maximum of 200 people who live within the walls… Would it be too much to handle even for me (the introvert)? In the end, I decided to take a chance, left Rome & switched to the rural way of life instead.

What was my job like?

As I said earlier, my job title was “PR” but it feels a little too formal to me. I certainly was the first point of contact, I was representing the retreat, the owners and I had to be professional of course. However, there were also loads of informal moments, stories and laughter shared with the guests which often felt like we were amongst friends. Each day, I’d turned into their Activity Coordinator, their “handywoman”, their personal driver or their cycle guide and I’d literally always be popping out of nowhere & be there to help whenever I was needed. My favourite memory of this job remains the shift operating in each individual as the days went past. The guests would arrive on a Thursday sometimes exhausted or even a bit stressed after a difficult journey or simply because of the busy life they have back home. We all know how switching to the holiday mode can be difficult at times, so the team knew about that & how to work around it. Once the guests had started the daily yoga sessions, maybe had had holistic treatments or just a rest by the pool, the feel was totally different. Once that stage of relaxation was reached, the relationship between the guests or even with the staff members changed completely. It was such a gift for me to see “my guests” bonding and having such a fabulous time with us, I’ll be forever grateful for this experience!

Who was the rest of the onsite team?

The rest of the onsite team included a holistic therapist named Chloe, different visiting yoga teachers throughout the season, a driver and two cleaners who were also preparing delicious meals. Although this job was rather physically challenging due to the nature of the place (hilly, steps and cobbled streets everywhere), it was an absolute delight to run around and go about with the job. No public transports to take to get “to work”, great people to look after, cool colleagues and lots of fun times on a daily basis while still providing top customer service. 

Another beautiful place in Italy
Yoga pose in Cinque Terre

An experience that totally transforms you!

From the moment you arrive up the main road and see the village facing you, it’s obvious that there is something fascinating about this place! Its incredible location, the architecture, the scenery, the inhabitants… all this topped with the yoga/ wellness experience that the retreat offers surely makes one hell of a package! The bottom line here is: Even if it sometimes feels scary, GO FOR IT! Follow your gut feeling, make that decision, take that little risk & see what life has to offer! 

Where are you guys heading to?

Life in Casperia is so beautiful
Addie, Casperia


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