When plan “A” doesn’t work out, change the plan, NOT the goal!

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Upward and forward

Hello everyone, I’m back!!

I’m sorry I was quiet for a long time… I was processing a lot of stuff and I didn’t have the right energy to write new blog posts unfortunately.

Towards the end of 2019, I slowly started realizing that the year was almost over and I had not made any real progress with my new career. This was very disappointing to me, because I really thought I was on the right path! I put a lot of effort into changing my life around, documenting myself, writing, implementing new habits, seeing a life coach and despite all of that, the breakthrough I was hoping for did not happen!

I had a tough time accepting the fact that I would eventually have to get back into THE “normal life”. This meant finding a specific place where to live, look for a “standard job” and basically put the life I enjoy so much on hold once again.

I was very cross for a while & really felt like giving up, but then I kept asking myself “How would this serve me?” This only is a lesson, not a life sentence, right?

Everything I’ve done & learnt over the last 12 months was in many ways very valuable and that’s what I am clinging onto.

As I said it many times before in my previous posts, I have truly enjoyed this time and am very grateful I got to live these fantastic experiences. I visited great places, met great people & have learnt a great deal about myself.

I worked on my blogging, my personal development and these were by far my most rewarding hobbies ever! I became more creative too, more mindful and willing to explore new avenues to see where they would take me. 

This is bound to lead me somewhere at some point I’m sure!

What’s happening for me right now then?

Well… I decided to go back to The UK once again because this still feels like my best option for many reasons. I left Le Mans (France) on January 29th 2020 and landed in London.

The aim was to apply to jobs across the whole country, see what I got and then I would settle wherever the job was.

The job search:

I’ve played this game a few times before and I knew I could play a little with my applications. I was back in London to get a job, but I wasn’t so desperate that I would take absolutely anything! This job is supposed to last for a while, so I had to find something that made sense to me.

I have quite a bit of experience working in the Tourism Industry, so I decided to go down that road again, but added a few tweaks to my “requirements”. I wanted something where I could wear casual clothes, very few phone calls to handle and a place where I get to do some multitasking and get to move around.

Three weeks after applying to multiple job roles, I finally got taken at a Boutique Hotel by Finsbury Park.

United Lodge Hotel

Something new for me to try, small team, fun, open-minded Manager, probably some room to grow soooooo… Let’s see!

Accommodation wise, I was lucky to be lent a studio apartment by my Manager for about three weeks. Before that I was staying at a hostel near Russell Square and even though this is a reasonably cheap option, it would have been a hassle to live there while having to work, so I’m very grateful for this kind gesture from Andy.

I have since moved to a three bedroom apartment which I’m sharing with a Greek guy and a Welsh guy and that’s about a 15 minute walk from work, so it’s all good!

So there I am! Back in London… I still have mixed feelings about it all, but I think I have to put things into perspective for now.

What about you guys? How are you handling life these days?

Take care and thanks for following as usual x

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